CHP Sacramento chase ends in Martinez crash

MARTINEZ, Calif. (KTVU) -- Five suspects were in custody Wednesday after a high-speed chase began in the Sacramento area and continued for more than 64 miles before the vehicle went out of control and crashed into a Martinez yard, authorities said.

It later emerged that the suspects taken into custody had connections to a crime in Colorado. The suspects have been identified as Anthony Dewayne Domino, Sharde Shenay Suwannabart-Smith, Sean Donyell McCullough II, Summer Pavielle Sawyer, and Anthony James Tyree.

The Highway Patrol caught this group that was on the run from Sacramento. The high speed pursuit of the Cadillac ended in a violent crash in Martinez.

After the crash, investigators said the five occupants of the car scattered into the surrounding neighborhood.

"We were informed that we had armed and dangerous suspects in a vehicle," said Highway Patrol officer John Fransen. "We actually arrested a 5th suspect. She's a female adult, and she was arrested for her involvement in the pursuit."

And that's what had some area residents so concerned, knowing that these people who were being chased by police were on the loose.

"You step outside and see five or six police cars and they're telling you to stay put, you get kind of anxious. But then I found out what was going on, and got really nervous for everybody," said resident Saber Ogden.

At the crash site, there was a great deal of evidence left behind. One piece of evidence that the CHP would most certainly want to get their hands on is a license plate, which KTVU confirmed with a police source belonged to the Cadillac.

KTVU gave the plate to the CHP and learned the car is owned by an Enterprise Rental agency in Oklahoma.

The CHP said the vehicle has not been reported stolen, but noted this case is connected to several other California cities and to Denver.

"We are working in conjunction with Folsom Police, Chico Police, as well as the Denver Police, regarding the stolen merchandise that was found," said Fransen.

In fact, Denver Police have been trying to find four people who committed a smash-and-grab robbery of a jewelry store on Tuesday morning. The Highway Patrol, upon searching the vehicle found several weapons and some jewelry.

"It was a significant amount of stolen property and I'm going to leave it at that," added Fransen.

It remained unclear what the connection to Folsom and Chico might be, although KTVU has calls into both agencies. Denver Police officers told KTVU that the FBI has taken over their investigation.