Citizen speaks out after confronting Target theft suspect

A citizen who confronted a shoplifting suspect at the Target store in Colma said Tuesday that he felt compelled to act.

"If you see something wrong, you better do something," said the witness, who wished to be identified only as Tiger.

Cell phone video shows Tiger yelling at the suspect at the store's exit on March 16.

Police say the citizen spotted the suspect placing 40 to 50 pairs of jeans worth $2,000 into a blue bin.

Tiger said he was fed up with these kinds of thefts and didn't hesitate to take action.

"I just flipped the box so things spread out, so people watching me can see what's going on, so they can tell which one is the bad guy, which one is the good guy," he said.

Tiger also had some choice messages for the suspect.

"Stop that s- man! Get a f-- job," he yelled at the man, who calmly put the jeans back in the bin and walked out of the store as Tiger said, "Stop!"

Colma police Cmdr. Sherwin Lum said police "definitely appreciate citizens being very good witnesses" instead of taking action directly.

"We highly recommend not to intervene or get physical with any of these suspects because again, the safety of the public is paramount," Lum said.

Tiger says he followed the suspect into the parking lot, where he dropped the jeans and tried to get onto a bus.

Colma police arrived and arrested Samuel Balcorta, 28, who has priors for organized retail theft, shoplifting and drug possession.  

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Tiger says he doesn't feel like a hero and recognizes not everyone would do what he did.

"I just feel good doing the right thing. I think if we speak up and do the right thing, life is much better and you sleep better at night," he said with a laugh.

The defendant is in jail, awaiting trial on charges of burglary and grand theft.