Clover woman finds biological father; search on for missing twin

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Robin Deyton has been waiting 55 years for this reunion, finally meeting her biological father.

"I hugged him and wanted to look at him, it was this instant connection," Deyton said.

Her father even sent her an Easter basket before meeting her.

"It’s the sweetest card! It says for all the Easters I’ve missed," Deyton said. 

Being adopted Deyton didn't know much about herself so she tried multiple websites, sending her DNA in, to see what she could find. After hitting dead ends, she started to give up but that's when gave her more than she bargained for.

"It said LL is your father and I thought, ‘This is not real.’ So, I emailed him back and I said ‘Do you think that could possibly be? Do you think we are connected?’ and he said, ‘Did you mother work in the court systems in Newport News and do you have a twin?’ and I said ‘I had no idea," Deyton said.

That's when Deyton learned she could possibly have a twin sister out there.

"He didn't know we were put up for adoption. He thought my mother raised us," Deyton said.

This raised more questions for Deyton.

"I can't imagine a twin sister. If I didn't know, maybe she didn't know, I mean, what do you do? I mean you walk up to someone that's your twin and you are like?” Deyton said.

Deyton doesn't blame her mother for giving her up but want her mother to know her decision worked out in the end.

"I’m OK, I turned out fine. I have two beautiful daughters; you know I would love to share that with you," Deyton said holding back tears.

Now, meeting her father has renewed her spirit to continue searching for her mother and now her twin sister, and to make up for the moments they've lost.

Deyton is currently fighting to get her adoption record unsealed to see if there is a name or even a mention of her twin sister. She's hoping those documents lead her to her mother.