Cluster of small quakes rattle East Bay

Several small quakes rattled the East Bay on Tuesday, striking near Danville and Diablo, a small community near the city of Alamo.

The quakes registered in at a 2.9-magnitude,  a 3.0-magnitude, and a 2.6-magnitude, all about 4:30 a.m.

Another 2.8-magnitude struck in the area about 1:30 a.m.  The Tuesday cluster comes after two small quakes struck early Monday morning in Contra Costa County as well. 

No injuries were reported, but people who woke up with the shaking tweeted they heard the wall hangings rattling. Stephen Lindstrom tweeted, "Some small things fell off our shelf. Shaking is centered right under our feet. A little nerve racking." 

Overnight clerk Paramjit Singh who was working at at 7-Eleven in Danville said he felt the building shake a little and Dana Green said he was "nudged awake" by the Earth rumbling.