Cold case arrest in connection with death of Menlo Park girl

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It’s a day Marilyn Kern didn't think would come or any of the tenants of the Menlo Park apartment complex who remember 6-year-old Lisa Xavier. A wanted fugitive has been arrested in a cold case for the death of the little girl. 

According to Menlo Park Police, Shannon Steven Fox was arrested in connection with Xavier’s death, which occurred nine years ago in November of 2009 during a street race. 

Some of tenants still have the program from the young girl's funeral from when she died.

Investigators believe Fox was participating in the race when his car collided with a vehicle occupied by Lisa. She was killed in the crash at Bayfront and Willow Road. 

The vehicle Lisa was riding with him was not participating in the race. 

“When it happened it was such a shock because they were such a wonderful family and it was just such a stupid mistake,” said Kern. “To have him just take off like that not even a regard to the family at all it just makes you sick that there's people like that out there in the world.” 

Kern owns the apartment complex and still keeps in touch with Lisa’s parents who have since moved to San Jose. She said every week the parents visit the cemetery where Lisa is buried.

Police believe Fox fled the country shortly after the crash and has been a fugitive for eight years.

San Mateo County district attorney's office said Fox was in Guatemala for the last two years and had been in custody there.

Authorities said Fox is being brought back to the country from Guatemala on Tuesday to be booked into the San Mateo County Jail. 

Investigators will hold a news conference Wednesday morning to release more details. 

Azenith Smith contributed to this story