Concord Police issues aggressive bee alert

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A neighborhood in Concord Saturday came under attack by a swarm of aggressive bees.

Concord Police issued an alert warning people to stay clear of the bees that had gathered by coincidence, in the 3800 block of Hitchcock Drive.

"The Concord Police Department has received numerous calls about a swarm of aggressive bees in the 3800 Block of Hitchcock Drive in Concord. We are continuing to address the problem, but in the meantime, please stay out of the area."

KTVU called Concord Police Dispatch about the advisory.

Police dispatch declined to comment, but would forward our questions to the public information officer.

The Claycord news website reported that it is a swarm of Africanized Honey Bees, and killed two dogs Friday afternoon, and stung several people, including a mail carrier and a child, in an area along Hitchcock Road.

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