Contentious town hall in Dublin over guns with U.S. Rep Eric Swalwell

There were contentious moments at Congressman Eric Swalwell's  first town hall meeting of 2020.

On Thursday night, 250 people filled the multi-purpose room of Dublin High school to hear from the lawmaker about topics including the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

It was a largely enthusiastic and supportive audience, but there were a dozen gun rights activists who challenged Swalwell about gun control. 

It's an issue that was at the forefront of his brief run for president.

"School children one day ducking and covering under their desk for a gun drill," Swalwell said. "I want it to be a foreign concept to them."

Dissent came from critics standing in the back of the room, holding banners in support of gun rights.

One questioned how Swalwell could support an assault weapons ban to save lives and support abortion rights simultaneously. 

Swalwell responded, "A woman's body is a woman's choice."

His words drew a strong reaction from supporters and critics.

Mike Grant, a self-described gun dealer and President Trump supporter said to Swalwell,

"You think the criminals are going to turn their guns in ? Do you think they're going to go through a background check ?"

Before the meeting, Grant showed a KTVU crew videos he says he uses to train law-abiding gun owners.

"Eric Swalwell has basically come after gun owners and there's a lot of background people go through before buying guns legally," said Grant.  

He says the way to  stop gun violence is to enforce existing laws. 

Swalwell received an applause when  he responded, "We should actually do nothing and expect the numbers to go lower? That's not going to happen."

Swalwell also spoke about healthcare, social security, dealings with Iran and China's trade policy.

The congressman is scheduled to be back in Washington D.C. Monday.