Contra Costa Co. agrees to $4.5M settlement in police shooting death of Tyrell Wilson

Contra Costa County officials have agreed to a $4.5 million settlement in a deadly police shooting. 

The county will pay the family of Tyrell Wilson for when he was fatally shot by Contra Costa County Sheriff's Deputy and ex-Danville Officer Andrew Hall in March of 2021. 

Wilson was holding a knife when he was shot. Police said he ignored commands to put the knife down. 

Family members said Wilson, who was homeless and mentally ill, was experiencing a mental health emergency at the time.  

Last week, Hall was sentenced to six years in state prison for the 2017 deadly shooting of Laudemer Arboleda, another mentally-ill man. 

Arborleda was trying to drive past police at 6 mph. The county also issued a $4.9 million payout against Hall in this case. 

It is the highest police payout amount in Contra Costa County since 2015, a review of records by KTVU shows. And the settlement in the Wilson case is now the second highest.

Until these two settlements totaling $9.4 million, Contra Costa County has had a relatively low police payout rate – $1.5 million – for wrongful death and excessive force suits since 2015. 

The county's district attorney has not decided if Hall will be charged in Wilson's shooting. 

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