Contra Costa County Fair enforces chaperone rule after past brawls

The Contra Costa County Fair is open through the weekend, and fair officials are keeping the chaperone rule in place for young fairgoers.

The rule requires fairgoers under 18 to be accompanied by a chaperone aged 25 or older.

The rule is in response to last year's melee, where brawls erupted, shocking other guests, staff, and security.

Since then, a strict chaperone policy has been imposed, which remains in place.

"Anybody, 18 years or under, is required to have a chaperon 25 years or older. And for each chaperon, they can only have four 18-year and under youth with them," said fair CEO Joe Brengle.

Officials want guests to enjoy the rides, food, and entertainment the fair offers without any violence.

"We are a family-friendly event, and we want our family and friendly people to feel safe when they're out here at the fair," said Brengle.

"At the end of the day, rules are rules, and if they can't be responsible on their own you have to enforce a guide there to help," said fairgoer Tiana Brooks.

Fairgoers and participants alike love the chaperone rule and welcome the presence of security to enforce it.

"Especially with a lot of violence, you don't know what people are going to do. They'll see a crowd go and then like a mob goes," said fairgoer Stacy Thompson.

"I've been coming to the fair for a long time. I was born and raised in Antioch. So, never had issues before. But, last year, kind of messed it up for some people," said Sherri Carli.

Hometown fairs are sure to be a highlight for children and families.

"We need to keep the Contra Costa County Fair alive, said auto race driver Jacob Tuttle. "And if that's what it takes, we need to do that."

Contra Costa County Fair is May 16-19