Coyote spotted roaming San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood

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SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) A San Francisco coyote was spotted exploring San Francisco's South 
of Market neighborhood early today, according to city animal control officials.

The coyote was spotted early today at a property at Third and Folsom street, near Moscone Center South, according to Deb Campbell, a spokeswoman for San Francisco Animal Care and Control.

Campbell said few passersby in the busy neighborhood seemed to notice the wayward canine, but animal control officers were able to get a good enough look to confirm that it was indeed a coyote.

"This is common for this time of year because coyotes are dispersing, the ones born in the spring are looking for territories," Campbell said. "They branch out and end up in some weird places."

Police closed the street to give the coyote a clear path and he was last seen running away down Folsom Street.

Campbell said coyotes can travel long distances, mainly at night, and the coyote may return to Golden Gate Park or some other open space area far from SOMA.

However, city residents are advised to keep their dogs on leash and to keep pets indoors at night to protect them from coyotes and other predators.

Anyone who spots a coyote in SOMA or any other part of the city is asked to report it to Animal Care and Control at (415) 554-9400.