Crews cleaning up as Bay Area braces for another round of wet weather

Parts of San Francisco are still drying out after this weekends storms.  Along 17th Street and Folsom, a low lying part of the city prone to flooding, sandbags are already in place to block any high water. At Hans Art Automotive workers say since the city started deploying flood barriers things have gotten much better. With a round of storms just hours away the city is weighing when to put those barriers in place.

"When we anticipate getting more than an inch of rain over a 24 hour period we deploy the flood barriers. We haven't made a decision yet on whether we're going to do that this week, but we're going to be monitoring the forecast," said Will Reisman from San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission.

Crews used truck mounted vacuums to clear catch basins around the city. With strong winds and rain over the past weekend some catch basins may be covered with debris creating a flooding hazard. The city is using big data analytics to determine which 10% of the city's catch basins are most prone to flooding and are working to get ahead of the problem.

"We're having crews out. There are crews going out this evening using these high powered vacuum trucks that remove debris from our drains," said Reisman.

Meanwhile the city is saying it can't prepare alone-and is asking people to pitch in and help clean a catch basin in their neighborhood. "We have 20,000 drains or catch basins as we call them in our city so we need a little help," said Reisman.

Those catch basins can be backed up by everything from leaves and debris to the dreaded plastic bag. The city deploying all available resources including workers with rakes to make sure these catch basins are clear.