Crews continue clean-up in wake of weekend storm

A wind driven storm over the weekend made for a busy Monday morning for tree service companies.

"Now if I would have done a pre-inspection before the tree failed, we could have preserved the tree," Steve Willett of Timberline tree service said looking at a fallen tree. "That would have worked out nice." Willett's company worked 32 jobs on the Peninsula Monday, all fallen trees from the latest storm.

Willett said about 80-percent of the trees that fail have something in common. "You see a lot of different trees where we have the similar double trunked situations," he explained. "You want to either have that cabled with a cable or both spurs thinned out."

A tree with "double trunk" split and fell into a river otter exhibit at CuriOdyssey in San Mateo. The otters, Gunner and Belle, weren't hurt.

In the Oakland Hills another close call left homeowner, Dona McCabe shaken. "It could have been a lot worse than it was," she said looking at the shrapnel of the Monterey pine tree in her front yard.

"I heard the branches crack and I knew a tree was coming down," McCabe said recounting her Sunday morning scare. "I just sat there and closed my eyes and hoped it wasn't going to fall on me," she said. "And then it went crash, boom, and the house shook. I thought, ok it's down and I'm still here."