Crowd gathers at SF City Hall to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance

All across the country, and here in the Bay Area, gatherings were held on Monday to mark 2023's Transgender Day of Remembrance. San Francisco City Hall was lit with the colors of the Transgender Pride Flag, where more than 100 held candles to honor those from the community who've passed this year. 

"For a lot of us, this is the only time we get to mourn." said one attendee. "I lost someone I love this year, and when she died, she died alone."

Since last year, Transgender Day of Remembrance SF says 392 transgender people worldwide have died as a result of violence or suicide. Organizers say more than two thirds of the victims worldwide were people of color. Half of them were Black transgender women.

"I don’t think our legislation is currently working with us," said attendee Zander Breiere. "It’s not good for all of us until it’s good for us across the nation and globally. If black women, specifically black trans women, are being killed, then it’s still not safe."

Later, the group marched through the downtown as part of an annual procession en route to the SF LGBT Center.  


Erotic Storytelling Hour holds Trans Awareness Week edition

Erotic Storytelling Hour is put on monthly by San Francisco's Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District. This month they held a Trans Awareness Week edition.