Crowds gather to enjoy a warm Memorial Day in San Francisco

The combination of a three-day weekend and spectacular weather brought out the crowds in San Francisco. Even some of the normally foggy parts of the city are enjoying a sunny day. The city's message for everyone is to enjoy, but enjoy safely.

After months of socially isolating, San Franciscans are flooding out of their homes and out to parks and beaches around the city.

"People are going to be outside today," said Phil Ginsburg from San Francisco Recreation and Parks. "You know, it's the start of summer. We've all been cooped up, it's like a champaign cork coming off a bottle yesterday."

At Baker Beach, visitors actually moved barricades looking for more room to park their cars. Beach goers also flocked to Ocean Beach and deep in the city crowds packed into one of the San Francisco's most popular parks.

"Dolores Park, where we have painted the circles on the lower part of the park, people seem to be gathering safely," said Ginsburg. "But, it's pretty crowded on the hill. You know, find your own space."

Over Memorial Day weekend, rangers and law enforcement were out in force. "We're out there, and if necessary we will enforce. Yesterday, park rangers, police cadets and firefighters admonished over 1,300 people," Ginsburg said.

With more sunny weather in the forecast the city is recommending people follow the guidelines to remain six-feet apart and use face coverings. "Let's not suffer a setback where parks would have to close," said Ginsburg.

The city is encouraging park-goers to stay as close to home as possible. A good rule of thumb is if you have to get into your car to go to a park it's probably too far, find a neighborhood park instead.