Dead humpback whale washes ashore in Half Moon Bay

A dead humpback whale washed ashore at Cowell Ranch State Beach in Half Moon Bay.

Reports first came in on May 28 of a dead humpback in the surf near Eel Rock, according to the California Academy of Sciences (CAS). Since then, the research institution, along with the Marine Mammal Center, has been monitoring those reports.

Responders with CAS determined that the female humpback whale is about 25-30 feet long and is likely not an adult.

"Due to the inaccessibility of the stranding location, responders were unable to conduct a full necropsy and instead examined the animal using blufftop photos," the organization said.

Scientists and responders will continue to monitor the cetacean mortality.

SkyFOX flew above Cowell Ranch State Beach on Monday, and the dead whale was still on the beach.