Delivery of millions of Christmas gifts caught up in severe weather

Severe winter weather across the country is threatening to delay millions of Christmas deliveries.

Winter storms have hit several key hubs for major US shipping carriers, disrupted some cargo air travel, and caused numerous road closures. Delivery supply chain experts, say the storms could delay 10 to 15 percent of the 75 million packages scheduled for delivery through Christmas Eve. 

"Certainly has been bad," said Darren Armor, who owns Handle With Care Packaging Store in Piedmont. "Even people that send it early enough to make it, are now in the position of uh oh, might not make it because of the weather delays."

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UPS is among the carriers that have posted an alert, warning about potential delivery delays. The winter weather has impacted key hubs in Kentucky and Illinois. The carrier said that it’s working to make deliveries "as quickly as conditions permit" but added that the safety of its employees is a priority. 

Meantime, at the Bay Area’s largest US Postal processing center in West Oakland, employees are working around the clock to handle the holiday delivery spike.

"So far we’ve done up to 7 million parcels and all the way up to 2 million letters and greeting cards," said US Postal lead engineer, Abdul Mohaiman, who said the processing center will be open on Monday. "We’re going to be open and processing the Tuesday morning deliveries."

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