Deputies: 'Bored' Florida man breaks into funeral home

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A robber tried to take a vat of formaldehyde, makeup, nail polish, soap, and miscellaneous instruments used in funeral preparation from a funeral home in Spring Hill, according to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office. 

An employee at a neighboring business saw the alleged burglary in progress and alerted deputies, who arrested the suspect on the scene. 

It happened around 1:15 Friday morning at the Demarco Family Funeral Home on Commercial Way. 

The witness told dispatchers they saw a masked man with a flashlight and crowbar, going in and out of the funeral home.

When deputies got there, they say the suspect was coming out of the funeral home carrying a tub of formaldehyde.

Deputies took him into custody. 

Investigators searched the suspect's vehicle at the scene and found items from inside the funeral home, including makeup, nail polish, electric clippers, bottles containing soap and formaldehyde powder, and miscellaneous instruments used in funeral preparation.

The suspect was identified as Aaron Meininger, 29, and he was turned over to District Detective Chirs Owens.

Owens says Meininger admitted he broke into the funeral home because he was "bored" and wasn't even sure what kind of business he was breaking into.  

Meininger also told Owens he didn't have plans for the items he was taking, saying he would "probably just throw them away."

Meininger was charged with commercial burglary, grand theft, and possession of burglary tools. He was held on no bond because he was already out on bond for another charge.