Developers plan gourmet food market for Jack London Square

OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) - Developers say they now have the team in place to turn a largely vacant building on Jack London Square into a food lovers paradise.

Ellis Partners confirmed a deal has been worked out for the Carlin Company to turn 32,000 square feet of market space located at 55 Harrison Street into a new gourmet food market.

Carlin Company previously worked on the Ferry Building Market in San Francisco and Oxbow Market in Napa.

Developers say the plan has always been to bring artisan dining to Oakland, but the economic downturn coincided with the final phase of construction.

"We had the unfortunate coincidence of finishing this project right in the middle of the heart of the recession," said Will Miller from Ellis Partners. "I think we all remember if we can... what that was like."

Jack London Square visitors said they remembered the space had been designated for a gourmet market, but say plans seemed to stall.

"I've read some time ago that several businesses were coming, and we were waiting, really looking forward for them to come to the area, but they haven't (come)," said Erika O'Quinn. "So, hopefully this one comes through."

Ellis Partners says they now have the team in place to open the new market by fall of 2016.

They say Steve Carlin, from the Carlin Company, has the experience to make the Water Street Market a success.

"He was very involved in the beginning of the Ferry building, and then he took that expertise as well as his Oakhill grocery piece and took that up to Napa and put together the Oxbow market," said Miller.

Visitors to Jack London Square, like Joyce Mason, say they're looking forward to Oakland to become a foodie destination. "Oh yes, definitely. And we wouldn't have to go across the bridge or across the Bay, that would be nice," said Mason.