Dixie Fire destroys fire station while volunteer crews battle blaze

A fire station was burned down by the Dixie Fire while the volunteer firefighters were trying to save homes in the Greenville area in California's Sierra Nevada. 

"We were out so busy taking care of other people’s houses and structures that we didn’t have time to get Engine 26 out,"President Will Meyers told KTXL. "You are your own first responder. So, we try to help best we can, but we just do not have the resources, the funding."

Volunteer firefighters will now respond to emergencies from their own homes instead of from the Indian Valley Fire Rescue Department. 

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The volunteer fire station is responsible for Greenville and its surrounding areas including, Taylorsville, Indian Falls, Arlington and Genesee, according to KTXL. 

Rebuilding the fire station would likely take months, the Indian Valley Fire Rescue Department said. 

The Dixie Fire has been burning for nearly a month and has grown to 487,764 acres as of Tuesday. Containment slightly improved since yesterday and is at 25%. 

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.