Double shooting at convenience store near Oakland's Fruitvale BART station caught on video

A double shooting in Oakland's Fruitvale neighborhood injured two men. It started at a convenience store and continued outside near a BART station.
The shooting was captured by surveillance cameras. The owner said crime and violence in the area have gotten steadily worse. He shared surveillance videos of the shooting.

The double shooting happened at Market One, a convenience store just steps from the Fruitvale BART station. One video showed a man wearing a ski mask and a dark jacket with a light-blue panel at the entrance of the store.

There was a brief exchange between him and a man who the store owner said is a friend of the cashier. The friend puts something up to the head of the man in the ski mask.

"The man in a ski mask pulls out a gun and shoots the guy and he keeps following him." The store owner said the gunman fired several shots at the cashier's friend. "He's shot in the hand, in the stomach and the leg."

At the same time, a video showed the cashier with a gun going after the suspect, who is now outside. 

The owner didn't want his face shown.  He said he fears retaliation. He said he was not at the store when the shooting happened shortly before 5:15 Sunday evening.

The owner said the cashier did shoot and injure the man in the ski mask," The suspect also got hit twice."  

The owner said he doesn't know what the verbal confrontation was about, but that surveillance video shows the suspect in the store about 10 minutes before the shooting and he had left without any incident before returning a short while later. 

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"It's kind of frustrating and scary when I see those bullet holes. It's amazing," the owner said he's dealt with vandalism, fights and drug dealing, but that this is the worst incident.

"We do need more police presence and if I can create a substation like we requested a year ago," said city council member Noel Gallo who represents the Fruitvale District. 
He now plans to call an emergency meeting with business owners and the police department.

"My support goes out to the business community. There are some that are threatening to leave. Some already left" said Gallo.  

The owner said his cashier and another employee have already quit their jobs because they don't feel safe.  

"I've had this place for the last six years. It's a good location. Business is OK, but I'm having second thoughts," said the owner.  

Both men in the shooting are expected to survive. Police said they've arrested one man, but did not release his identity.

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