Warriors' Draymond Green gets back at Rudy Gobert with punchy comment

Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green used four words on Twitter Sunday seemingly to get back at the Timberwolves' Rudy Gobert.

During the Sunday game against the New Orleans Pelicans, Gobert punched his teammate Kyle Anderson as the team gathered for a timeout. Gobert was subsequently kicked out of the game.

"Insecurity is always loud…" wrote Green in a direct quote from what Gobert said about Green slugging teammate Jordan Poole during practice in October.

Green apologized to the team and to Poole after the practice, but the team said they would keep any punishment private.

Gobert also apologized to his teammate Sunday.

"Emotions got the best of me today", wrote Gobert in a tweet. "I should not have reacted the way i did regardless of what was said. I wanna apologize to the fans, the organisation and particularly to Kyle, who is someone that i truly love and respect as a teammate."