Draymond Green points out stark contrast in treatment of BLM protesters and pro-Trump mob

The Golden State Warriors spoke out against the mob of Trump loyalists who incited violence on Capitol Hill. 

Before Wednesday night's game, the Warriors and Clippers held a moment of silence then took a knee during the national anthem. 

Power forward Draymond Green questioned why Blacks who protested against racism over the summer were met with a heavy police presence, while white Trump supporters could roam through the halls of Congress. 

"Storming into a building and busting out windows and carrying podiums and all that other stuff, that's not a protest, that's a terrorist attack," Green said. 

Some NBA players questioned whether last night's games should have been postponed in wake of the insurrection at the Capitol. 

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said the violence in Washington was another sign of how "inconsequential" games can be. 

"I think a big part of my job as a coach is to remind the players of having perspective and finding that balance between competing like crazy every day as if the fate of the world depends on the outcome of this basketball game," Kerr said.