Family desperate for return of missing Concord man, 27

Family members and friends of a missing  Concord man plan to search for him Sunday morning in Sacramento County. 

David Kempker, 27, was last seen March 12 in the Sherman Island near the Delta. His family reported him missing the next day when he did not return home. Kempker's abandoned truck was found by the Sacramento County Sheriff's office Wednesday, on a road off of Highway 160. It's not exactly clear what he was doing there, but he loves extreme sports and a friend said that he likes to "climb tall objects" and is worried he might have fallen.

Concord police say there hasn't been any activity on his debit or credit cards, or on his phone. His family and friends say it's not like him to disappear. "He would definitely be in touch, definitely let somebody know that he was OK,” said friend Ayla Peters. “He definitely would  be that person to make some kind of contact. He would not just disappear like this."

His mother, Janet Descalzo, added: "I am so worried about David. I just want David to come home. Just come home to Mom. We love him so much and if anybody knows anything that happened to him please bring him home." 

Police say Kempker was with a childhood friend when he was last seen. That friend returned home safely and police say they have talked with him.