Family mourns loss of 7-year-old who drowned in Sacramento River

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A family is grieving after losing a boy in the Sacramento River. Seven-year-old James Vazquez drowned Saturday at Sandy Beach County Park.

James was at the park with his family, enjoying the holiday weekend. His mother, Ariel Vazquez, said she took her eyes off of him and his twin brother for a second before noticing they were struggling in the water.

They were able to save his twin, but when James was pulled out of the water it was too late. Despite citizens' attempts at trying to resuscitate him, James later died at a local hospital.

According to Solano County's site, swimming is not allowed at Sandy Beach "due to strong currents and sudden drop offs." Lifeguards are also not present. A representative of the Solano Sheriff's Office told FOX40 there are some provisions about where people can and cannot swim at the beach.

"We are saddened at this loss and strongly urge all citizens to utilize life jackets," the Solano County Sheriff's Office wrote in a statement Monday. "Additionally, we urge all citizens to be very careful, while entering any waterways in the area. Water levels are high, currents are strong and the water temperatures are still very cold."

Ariel Vazquez said her son attended Tolenas Elementary School and that he loved basketball and soccer.

The family is accepting donations for James' funeral service through a GoFundMe campaign. They have also arranged for a carwash to be held July 8 at 10 a.m. at Tractor Supply Co. on 2000 North Fire St. in Dixon.