Family remembers new mom who died suddenly while holding newborn


A Staten Island nurse was preparing to feed her child when she suddenly became unresponsive, and later died at the hospital.

 According to the Daily Mail, 35-year-old Deanna Rose Gioia's death remains a mystery.

Deanna and her husband Richard gave birth to their daughter Adrianna back on May 29th. On July 31st, Deanna was reportedly preparing to feed Adrianna when she told her husband she wasn't feeling well.

When Richard entered the room, Deanna was unresponsive. She was taken to the hospital where she later died.

A GoFundMe page set up in Deanna's memory reads in part:

"Deannna was a nurse both inside and outside of the hospital, always helping anyone in need.  Like a great nurse, she always put everyone else before herself.  She was the friend who held the group together, always having everyone's back."

The GoFundMe page created to help Richard and Adrianna raised nearly $43,000 in the first 24 hours.