Missing Navy veteran found, now receiving VA care

Kevin Coslett, a missing Navy veteran who suffers from mental illness, has been found.

Coslett was found around 2 a.m. Saturday morning in Redwood Shores, his family told KTVU via text message.

Previously, there were growing concerns for his safety after family members checked him into the Veterans Affairs hospital in Palo Alto on Monday. 

Coslett's son-in-law said he checked the 52-year-old into the VA hospital around 6 p.m. Monday for treatment for mental health issues, but Costlett took off on foot, not wanting to be hospitalized.

"Due to the fact that he has schizophrenia, he can't control his actions," said Alejandro Godinez, the missing vet's son-in-law.  

Family members posted flyers with Coslett's photos along El Camino Real in Palo Alto and surrounding cities, asking for help in finding him.  

"We went to look for him, driving around and didn't see him," Godinez said.

Concerns for his safety grew with each passing day.

"My biggest worry is that it's so hot out there, maybe he's laying unconscious somewhere," said Jesus Godinez, a relative.

Family members are proud of his service as a combat veteran of the Persian Gulf War. 

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They described him as a nice guy who's struggling with mental illness that has worsened in recent years. 

Coslett lives in Los Banos with his family and doesn't know anyone who lives close to the VA Hospital.    

Family members, now happy for Coslett's return, were previously worried about him. 

"We're really concerned about where he could be. We don't know what his thought processes are, where he could have gone or where he might have been trying to go," said Coslett's niece Krystin Neuenfeldt.  

Jesus Godinez had a message for the previously-missing vet: "Kevin, we're looking for you. Approach people. Ask for help and don't be afraid. Hopefully we can get you home."   

And it seems that those calls have been answered. 

Family members told KTVU Coslett is back in the VA, receiving the treatment he needs. 

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