Man killed in stabbing at San Jose restaurant

San Jose police are investigating a fatal overnight stabbing at a restaurant.

Investigators were looking into the stabbing death of an unidentified adult man at the Rose Restaurant early Saturday morning. The parking lot at King Rd. and McKee Rd. was filled with officers at 2 a.m. Saturday.

Officers were seen conducting interviews with patrons who were there when it happened.

Police say the suspect is unknown.  

The strip mall features small businesses, including a nail salon, pizzeria, and liquor store.

Although the sign says it's a restaurant, none of the neighboring businesses was able to identify the kind of food the restaurant serves.

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One resident said she doesn’t see the place open during the day.

Another resident told KTVU it’s a late-hour spot where waitresses in "skimpy outfits" serve cocktails.

There’s little information about the Rose Restaurant online. City records indicate it started in 2019 and has five employees.

Sunny Singh works at a gas just steps from the restaurant and learned about the deadly incident when he arrived for his shift.

"I was really shocked this had to happen like that.  Absolutely shocked when I came in the morning at six o’clock," said Singh.

Two people told us they often hear karaoke there at night.

"Personally I haven’t been there, no, but walking around and seeing the karaoke nights and all that from outside and stuff," said Singh.

Some residents describe the neighborhood as sketchy and a bit dangerous, but even a long-time resident who wanted to remain anonymous said a murder here took her by surprise.

"I have 20 years living here and never seen something like this," said the resident.

In addition to the stabbing, it appears the place recently experienced a different, unrelated problem.

"Last month they had a car drove into the glass at the entrance and it took them one week to fix that," said Singh.

The police department has not released information about the victim.