Father, son meet for first time after 60 years

SALT LAKE CITY, UT- A meeting, sixty years in the making.

An 80 year old veteran in Utah got the chance to meet his long-lost son for the first time in sixty years.

Dennis Fay missed most of his son's life.

"I'm meeting my 60 year old son for the first time in 60 years," Fay explained.

After 60 years, the minutes leading up to the meeting slow to a crawl.

"I was just a lowly Marine Corporal that was in Korea," Fay said.

They returned from war, and Fay was just 20-years old.

He says it was like Happy Days. After the war, he and his friends cruised from drive in to drive in.

"She happened to be one of the car hops at one of them and in those days if you were dating a car hop you were pretty macho because they had their pick of men and I dated her," Fay recalled.

He didn't know what happened when she moved away, and didn't know she was pregnant.

"One thing lead to another and I never really saw her and I guess she put that baby up for adoption as soon as she had it. So, he has been looking ever since he was 12 years old for his birth father and that's me!" Fay said.

You can still see some of the rebellious young Marine, but, at 80 years old, Dennis Fay is a family man.

"With him, I now have 8 sons and 2 daughters. So, I'm a very happy man with that big of a family," Fay said.

His oldest child had a very different life.

"I was raised as an only child. Very loving family," Michael Reed said.

Michael went to the Naval Academy, married, and had two kids.

He looked for his father but, only found him with modern technology.

"I found his cousin online through a DNA site and she tipped me off on who my father may be," Reed said.

"Very excited about him being here. It's something out of the movies as far as I'm concerned," Fay said.

Now, 5 months and 60 years of waiting, are over.

Overwhelmed, yes. Reluctant, no.

They know there's no time to waste.

"This is probably the most important day of my life, is to meet him and I'm proud of him. There's not many people that would go through what he went through to find me," Fay said.

"The father quest is all over myth and legends and stories from Star Wars to ancient mythology and my quest is over," Michael added.