Father's church dance reveals surprise from military daughter

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When Jerome Mondy danced in front of his church last month, he had no idea of the gift he was about to receive.

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On a Sunday morning last month, Mondy and other members of Divine Faith Ministries in Jonesboro danced to the music.

What Mondy didn’t immediately notice was the young woman in military garb to his right.


After a few seconds, he took a closer look and recognized that the young woman was his daughter, who he hadn’t seen in two years.

Mondy said his daughter, Navy Petty Officer Jadiah Mondy, was stationed in Japan. He told FOX 5 that his daughter was able to come home from leave a week early and surprise him.


Jerome Mondy’s son shared a video of the wonderful reunion on the FOX 5 Atlanta Facebook page. In the video, you see that when Mondy recognizes his daughter, he falls to the ground, but quickly gets up to give his daughter a long hug in front of the congregation.

FOX 5 Atlanta thanks Navy Petty Officer Jadiah Mondy and the rest of the Mondy family for sharing this wonderful moment with us.