FBI: No 'significant, credible threats' for Super Bowl 50

The countdown is on. There are four more days until the biggest sporting event of the year. While most of the festivities have been in the City of San Francisco, the focus will soon shift south to Santa Clara where the game will be held at Levi's Stadium. 74,000 people are expected to attend.

Security officials reassured the public that the stadium is safe. The FBI is unaware of any significant credible threats affecting Super Bowl 50. Street closures are already in place.

There's a perimeter set up around Levi's Stadium. Tasman Drive in front of the stadium is closed. Officers are working overtime to ensure no one gets in.

Massive VIP tents are in the parking lot complete with signage, big screens, and a Super Bowl 50 sign at the entrance of Great America.

Helen Ly is visiting from Sydney in Australia and said she's never seen anything like this before.
"It's really different to what we have," said Ly . "It's really grand really big scale event."

"I think it's awesome," said Keon Vafair of San Jose. "It's good exposure."

Software engineer Keon Vafai works two blocks down. He said the biggest inconvenience for him are the traffic closures.

"This week the normal route I take to work is closed because it's right by the stadium," said Vafair. "Traffic detours. Lots of loud noise, lots of helicopters hovering overhead."

From the air and on the ground, military helcopters are flying overhead. The bomb squad, SWAT trucks and humvees are standing guard.

"We have field intelligence teams at a variety of different venues who are looking for suspicious activity and are prepared to act if necessary," said David Johnson of the FBI.

Law enforcement officials said there's no threats against the Super Bowl. In case any problems arise, thousands of police officers, federal agents and private security staff are on hand to keep a watchful eye.

"The vast majority of these resources will not be visible to the public but the public should know that they are there and ready to act if necessary," said Johnson.

Those who live and work in the area appear to be taking it in stride. Bob Parker is inconvenienced because the San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail is closed. Parker doesn't mind given the beefed up enforcement for this iconic event.

bob parker, san jose "I think it's secure," said Parker. "I'm not worried about it. I don't want to worry about that stuff. I just want to enjoy it."

Tasman Drive between Convention Center Way and Calle de Sol drive is the only road closed but more street closures are coming on Game Day.