Fentanyl seized after drug deal intercepted near Oakland high school

A drug deal near a high school in West Oakland was intercepted by a task force that went on to seize fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine

On Tuesday, a man in a Nissan Altima drove to Myrtle Street right near the campus and got into the passenger side of a Toyota Corolla, hoping to buy some fentanyl.

But instead, the Alameda County narcotics task force swooped in, arresting both men and two others. Coincidentally, the bust came on the first-ever National Fentanyl Awareness Day.

"There’s no shame, and it’s all for profit. It’s causing people to die," said Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern.

Ahern said he's relieved that the task force was able to intercept the deal near the school.

"It’s really alarming to see this amount of fentanyl coming in which could, in fact, poison thousands and thousands of our citizens," Ahern said.

KTVU got a close look at the seized drugs, which included 15 pounds of fentanyl.

There was a bag of multicolored fentanyl known as "arcoiris" or rainbow in Spanish because the fentanyl was dyed with jars of food coloring, to make it even more appealing.

Also recovered was a yellow brick representing a kilogram of fentanyl — equivalent to a million doses.

The task force also seized one kilo of heroin as well as some methamphetamine.

But buyer beware. Authorities say drug users should never assume they're getting what they want. 

"We’re finding that some of the organized crimes and cartels are lacing the illicit drugs of heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine with the fentanyl to make it more addicting," Ahern said.

Just two weeks ago, the same task force seized a staggering 92 pounds of fentanyl from homes in Oakland and Hayward.

"Any place is no good, but I mean, it’s a shame it’s in our own neighborhood here," said Margarito Puebla, who lives near McClymonds High.

"They’re Frankenstein drugs," Puebla said. "They don’t know what the hell they’re taking. You know? And i don’t even see why they even take the risk of taking that chance you know? But it goes to show how desperate people are."