4 people stabbed in early morning fight in downtown San Jose

Four people were stabbed early Sunday morning in downtown San Jose after a fight broke out. Police say they responded to a call around 2:30 a.m. and that one person was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. 

Police say they got a call after a fight broke out, and they have not said what started this fight, but some people in this neighborhood seem to have mixed feelings about how safe they think the area is right now.  

Anthony Briones says he’s lived in downtown San Jose for about 30 years, and he feels safe enough to walk his dog at night. 

"There’s a lot of good people around here but the ones who do stuff like that, kind of bring everybody down," Briones said.   

But after Sunday morning’s stabbing, Briones says his concerns are growing for young people’s safety.  

"I kind of get scared because my nephew and my niece, they’re about that age to go to that type of club and hang out. I just hope they’re safe," Briones said.   

During the incident four people were stabbed, with one person rushed to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries. San Jose police say it started with a fight on the sidewalk at the intersection of South Almaden Avenue and Post Street.  

"For most people at nighttime, it can be kind of scary. As a woman, it’s kind of dicey…There definitely is an intimidation factor being out here at certain times, and it doesn’t shock me that there was a stabbing," said Charity Burton, who works in San Jose. 

San Jose police posted this tweet shortly after the incident, saying the victim with serious injuries had been stabilized but was still in critical condition.   

"I love the South Bay and I just wish it could be safe, and the streets definitely need to be tamed, in a way," Burton said.   

So far, no arrests have been made but San Jose police say they’ll continue investigating the case.