Firefighter rescues yellow lab trapped in icy pond

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A yellow Labrador retriever is recovering after getting trapped in an icy pond in Orange County, Virginia. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Office shared an incredible picture on Facebook Tuesday of the poor pup being rescued from the pond. According to the post, deputies were called out to a home on Rapidan Hills Road around 6:23 a.m. Upon arrival, a deputy saw a large yellow lab had broken through the ice and was stranded about 50 feet from shore. 

"The lab was standing in shallow water, up to his chest and surrounded by ice."

According to the sheriff's office, as the deputy walked back toward his vehicle to call for help the dog started barking in desperation. 

"Lake of the Woods Fire and Rescue was called and two firefighters arrived with rescue equipment. A ladder was extended onto the ice and Firefighter Aaron Lovell donned an ice rescue suit. Lovell crawled onto the ice and pushed the ladder toward the dog. When the ladder tip reached the hole, Lovell crawled out the ladder toward the dog. As he neared the end of the ladder, the ice cracked and Lovell fell into the water. Fortunately, the water was very shallow and Lovell was able to grab the dog. Lovell helped the dog onto the ladder and firefighter Jeff Leibold and Deputies Broyles and Cutone, pulled Aaron and the dog to shore," the Orange County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook. 

The lab was soaking wet and shivering violently. The dog was taken to a local veterinarian for emergency treatment and is expected to be released sometime on Wednesday.