For Eagles and Vikings, 99-year-old superfans are good luck charms

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings might have faced off on the field this weekend, but Eagles fan Phil Basser and Vikings fan Millie Wall have something in common: they’re both 99 years old.

Wall became a sensation when the Vikings invited her to their playoff game against the New Orleans Saints as an early 100th birthday present. Wall was a huge hit at the game, with fans lining up to speak with her, including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. When the Vikings completed an improbable comeback win, some fans called it “Millie’s Miracle.”

Wall told Fox 9, “I’m overwhelmed. I can’t believe the reaction this is getting and I’m stunned.”

When Phil Basser’s grandson Josh saw the reaction Wall received in Minnesota, he tweeted a photo of his own grandfather, 99-year-old Phil, wearing an Eagles jersey.

Josh told Fox 29, “I tweeted out our favorite picture of him in his Wentz jersey… he’s so cute, how do you not retweet it?”

Phil’s family also got him playoff tickets for the game against the Vikings as an early present for his 100th birthday. When the Eagles organization heard about this, they upgraded Phil and his family to a box suite.

Phil had a strategy in place for the game’s late start too. Said Basser, “If it’s a late game start, I take a nap in the afternoon to make sure I’m alert! … I enjoy it very much!”

The Eagles would come out on top against the Vikings 38-7, but both fans can be proud of the effort their teams put in this season, and both teams are certainly proud of their centenarian superfans.