Former Contra Costa County sheriff's deputy facing multiple felony charges

A former Contra Costa County sheriff's deputy is facing felony and misdemeanor charges, a spokesperson for the district attorney's office says. 

Charges were filed Friday against Matthew Buckley, 41, for offenses that occurred when he was a deputy with the sheriff's office. According to the D.A.'s news release, Buckley is facing charges for grand theft, unlawful possession of an assault weapon (AR-15), filing a false report, two counts of preparing false documentary evidence and a misdemeanor charge for destroying or concealing evidence. 

Officials said the violations are from 2020 and 2022. 

According to a news release, Buckley served as a bailiff when D.A. Diana Becton was a California Superior Court judge in Contra Costa County. The D.A.'s office said they worked with the state Attorney General's office to ensure there was no conflict of interest in this case. As a result, Becton will have no input, nor will she make a decision in this case. 

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Buckley is facing an arraignment in court where he will enter a plea. The date of his arraignment was not disclosed.