Former employer helps Oakland police identify suspect in killing of flower delivery man

A former employer played a crucial role in helping authorities identify the suspect accused in the shooting death of a flower delivery man in Oakland, according to police.

Although the name of the employer was not disclosed, authorities credited them with identifying the suspect as 22-year-old Eric Loc Elvira.

Elvira has been charged by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office in connection with the death of Matheus Gaidos, 27.

Elvira remains at large.

He is accused of fatally shooting Gaidos in Uptown Oakland on June 21.

Surveillance video and images showed that Gaidos, who was delivering flowers to an apartment building, got into a confrontation with a man walking two dogs. That confrontation escalated, resulting in the fatal shooting of Gaidos. Authorities have identified the suspected shooter as Elvira.

Gaidos, originally from Brazil, came the U.S. five years ago, his parents said. He left his home country because he was fearful of the street violence in Brazil. Gaidos had lived in the Bay Area for three years, working as a delivery driver.