Former KTVU reporter Betty Ann Bruno dead at 91

Former KTVU reporter Betty Ann Bruno at 91, has died, according to family members.

Bruno began her journalism career as a political talk show producer and host before becoming an investigative reporter. She spent more than 20 years at KTVU. 

One of her most notable stories was the coverage of the 1991 Oakland hills fire, a fire in which she lost her own home.

Former reporter Betty Ann Bruno

Before joining the KTVU family, she was a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz when she was 7.

After retiring, she moved to Sonoma where she worked as a Hula teacher.

"Other reporters would try to get those same people they would say ‘no, no, no way.’ Betty Ann was always able to get the interview," said retired reporter Rob Roth in an interview. "She really did care about the community, cared about reporting, she was just a real treasure, a joy to know."

In 2020, Bruno released her book, "The Munchkin Diary," detailing her life experiences.

Bruno is survived by her husband Craig, a former KTVU photographer, and her three sons.

Former reporter Betty Ann Bruno