Sonoma Fire 911 calls

Sonoma County has released the 911 calls recorded the night and early morning the deadly North Bay fires broke out.

Concerns over North Bay Fire victims' mental health

It's been more than a month since wildfires killed dozens, devastated communities and destroyed thousands of homes in the North Bay. Over the weekend Sonoma County authorities say a man shot and killed himself outside the site where his home once stood before the fire.

Napa block party instills community confidence

Tourism is the life blood of Napa and Sonoma. Those communities will eventually need visitors to return so they can get back on their feet. A block party was thrown on Friday night in an effort to bring back some of those visitors.

NorCal residents head back home to altered lives, communities

More evacuation order were lifted Tuesday for areas in Sonoma County, including Oakmont where residents began to return home. Neighbors were greeting each other in the street as ash fell and the Nuns Fire continued to burn in the hills surrounding the retirement community.