Former Silicon Valley exec in Ukraine, helping supply volunteer forces

A former Silicon Valley executive is on the front lines of the war in Ukraine, supporting the country he was born in, with a unique mission. Andrey Liscovich, a co-creator of the Ukraine Defense Fund, is using his tech and supply chain management background to help make sure that Ukraine's volunteer army has the supplies they need to be effective.  

The Ukranian born, San Francisco transplant is a former executive at Uber. Liscovich says, after attending a Ukraine rally outside San Francisco City Hall in early March, he was desperate to find a way to do more than send money.

"I was incredibly inspired by Zelenskyy’s personal courage," said Liscovich.

Within days Liscovich was reporting for duty with the Ukranian volunteer army.

"I told them I was ready to pick up arms," said Liscovich.

But Liscovich quickly realized that more manpower wasn’t what they needed most, it was his knowledge of tech and supply chain management.  

"The army simply did not have enough supplies for these folks," said Liscovich.

Everyday citizens were showing up in regular clothes, ill-equipped for war. So, with the help of his former colleagues back in the Bay Area and across the US, Liscovich began gathering the necessary supplies, including, clothes, boots, food, tactical gear, and radios.

"Most of the efforts in the west have been focused on providing humanitarian aid, and this is a noble undertaking," said Liscovich. "But the problem with the humanitarian aid, is that humanitarian aid doesn’t win wars."

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More than $200 thousand dollars has been donated to their group, The Ukranian Defense Fund, filling a void in the donation pipeline to volunteer soldiers.

Zak Sos is a reporter for KTVU. Email Zak at or follow him on Twitter @zaksnews