High-tech firms are announcing layoffs, hiring freezes

Last week's announcement that Netflix is laying off 300 workers — 3% of its staff — provided yet another worry that inflation in is tearing at the structure of the critical high-tech industry from where so many good jobs flow. 

Tech companies cut jobs, slow down hiring

During the pandemic, hiring and fabulous growth in the tech sector drew millions of investors, big and small, into industries of the present and future. But in recent months the blush on the high-tech rose has turned embarrassingly red to many investors.

Elon Musk allegedly broke law while buying Twitter stock, claims lawsuit

Musk spent about $2.6 billion on Twitter stock — a fraction of his estimated wealth of $265 billion, the largest individual fortune in the world. In a regulatory filing Monday, Musk disclosed he may increase his stake after backing out of an agreement reached last week to join Twitter’s board of directors.