4 dogs die in fire at Brentwood doggy daycare center

Four dogs died at a Brentwood dog boarding and daycare center, authorities said Friday.

The dogs all died of smoke inhalation as a result of the fire at Derty Dog Canine Retreat and Fitness on Brentwood Boulevard at about 10 p.m. Thursday.

About a dozen other dogs were saved.

"Most of us all have animals as well too, so it’s part of the family, so we do everything we can," said Fire Marshal Steve Aubert, of the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District.

Brentwood police and firefighters found more than a dozen dogs that were housed in a modular building.

"The room was filled with smoke all the way down almost to the floor at that point in time," Aubert said.

About a dozen dogs were rescued and removed from the building. Four dogs didn't make it, including one that firefighters tried to save

"An animal was still breathing, so crews made every effort to perform CPR on the dog," said Battalion Chief Jeff Burris.

The fire does not appear to be malicious in origin, authorities said.

"Right now, we still believe it to be accidental in nature, but again we’re looking at whether it was the air conditioning unit or the power source leading to the air conditioning unit," Aubert said.

There were some challenges in the fire response because there are no hydrants in that area. 

"…So we had to dispatch numerous water tenders in order to support fire attack operations," Burris said

Derty Dog told KTVU they are thankful for the quick action from first responders, which prevented the fire from spreading to other kennels and a building where someone was sleeping.

In a statement, the business said in part, "We ask for privacy, kindness and prayers right now for the families of the ones lost, the employees of our business and for our own family as we are all dealing with broken hearts, grief and the shock of this horrific accident."