Fox 2 Unsolved: Teen athlete shot dead outside Alameda bowling alley

As a boy, Antwaun Williams loved sports...
Antwaun was very, very active," says his mother Monique Williams of Oakland.
His skills started quite young.
"Riding a bike with no training wheels at 3," she said.
By the time he was a senior at Oakland High School, he was a standout in three sports.

"He played football, he played baseball, he played track," Williams said.

 Antwaun had dreams of becoming a professional athlete. Several colleges expressed an interest in him. His future seemed bright.
"He just had a pure joy about him," said Shoshana Towers-Cabrera, an Oakland High assistant principal.
On the night of Nov. 19, 2016, Antwaun wanted to celebrate. His mother says one of his top college choices sent him a letter, saying they were interested in him. 
"He had got a letter from Mississippi," she said. "He was like, 'Mom, me and my friends got the same letter for college, we want to go celebrate.'  Plus, it was a young man's birthday."
The party was at the AMF Southshore bowling alley in Alameda.. Surveillance video shows  Antwaun walking in. 
"It's a family entertainment place," Williams said.  "It's just right there near the beach. It's in Alameda. I'm like you know what? Fine. I had no clue."
No clue, that two feuding groups would also show up at the bowling alley that night..
"Some groups were from Oakland, some groups were from Berkeley, and we know that they didn't get along," said Alameda police Lt. Wayland Gee.
Tensions were high all night.. And violence erupted just minutes after surveillance video captured Antwaun leaving the bowling alley.
Security footage shows antwaun and his friends in the parknig lot behind the bowling alley just after 9 that night. From the end of the parking lot, someone opened fire. Antwaun was shot in the head.
Antwaun was taken to Highland Hospital in Oakland. He died as they moved him to the ICU.
"Antwuan was a loving loving gentleman," Williams said. "He had a bright future ahead of him. He was an outstanding individual. He was loved. He did not deserve this."
"He really had this kind of enthusiasm come over him and his positivity that made the whole team come together," Towers-Cabrera said.

The police investigation is still continuing nearly three years later.

"We know that somebody knows something," Gee said.
Gee says investigators have interviewed many witnesses, but most refused to cooperate.. 
"There may be a lot of innuendo a lot of presumptions a lot of rumors but what we need is 'I know,' or 'I saw,' " Gee said. 
Police don't know if Antwaun was the target.
"Whether Antwaun Williams was the intended victim of the gunshots we dont know," Gee said. "What we know is there was multiple shots fired into a group of people"
Homicides in Alameda are relatively rare. A killing right near Crown Beach, all but unheard of. 
"That's like one of the safest choices a kid from Oakland could make, in terms of how to spend their Saturday night," Towers-Cabrera said.
After Antwaun was killed, friends and coaches gathered on the football field to pay their respects.
"It let me know that he was loved," his mother said. "They let me know that everything that I taught him, everything that I instilled in him, like, he lived by, day by day."
She wants whoever killed her son to behind bars. 
"We need justice. We need to get this individual off the street. I wouldn't want another family to go through this ever," she said.