CVS cashier describes deadly security guard shooting at Fremont store

A security guard was shot and killed during his shift at a CVS in Fremont on Thursday night, authorities said. 

The incident happened around 11 p.m. at a CVS Pharmacy located within the Fremont Hub shopping center, according to the Fremont Police Department.

Officers said witnesses reported that the security guard had gotten into a verbal altercation with someone at the store. It is unclear what the argument was about.

A store cashier, who did not want to be identified, said he witnessed the shooting and that there were plenty of people inside the store when it happened. 

The cashier told KTVU that it all started when a male customer came into the store with a large backpack and refused to turn it over to the guard when he was asked to do so. 

The cashier said he radioed the security guard to ask him to keep an eye on the customer, but not to make him feel like he was being targeted. 

The altercation quickly escalated into a violent encounter. The cashier said the two became hostile with each other. They yelled profanities and racial remarks at one another, the cashier said. 

"I heard two gunshots," the cashier said. "I looked over and saw the security guard fall down, face flat in front of the electronic section." 

The customer involved in the fight was stabbed several times, police said. The cashier said he had bloody wounds to his neck as he walked up to the front of the store. "He had the gun in his hand and he was on the phone with someone," the cashier said. 

The guard died at the scene. His identity has not been released.

The wounded customer was taken to a local trauma center. Their condition is unknown. It is not known if the security guard stabbed the suspect or exactly how those wounds occurred. 

CVS told KTVU that the store was temporarily closed while police investigated.


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"We are cooperating with police in their investigation of an incident that occurred at our store on Fremont Hub last night. We are not able to confirm any details at this time," a spokesperson for the drugstore said.

The cashier, who was shocked and traumatized, said there is an escalating theft problem at this store, especially during the late night hours. The guard who was shot and killed had asked to be transferred to another store. He had been on the job less than two weeks. Saturday was supposed to be his last night at this location. 

"These security guards, they protect us. They protect the public. So we are all heartbroken right now because we heard he passed away. So we want to support the family," said Julie Mitchell, who works at a nearby store.

At a nearby Valero gas station, security cameras captured police arriving to the scene.

Manager Shahin Olyaie said those who work at the Fremont Hub routinely talk and share information.

"I really hope that we as a community can come together, and work with the police, and try to find solutions to slow this crime down," Olyaie said. 

There is now a small memorial for the guard in front of the CVS store. 

"I'm shocked," said Martin Xia, a customer. "I'm really sorry to hear that." 

Another customer who came to get their medication said they were surprised. 

The cashier said they really wanted to get justice for what happened. But they also didn't know why the customer with the backpack was carrying a gun.