3 Bay Area cities rank as happiest cities in America

Fremont, San Francisco and San Jose were ranked by WalletHub as three of the top five happiest cities in America in 2022. 

Fremont was deemed as the happiest cities in America and also ranked first for "emotional and physical well-being," according to the survey. San Francisco and San Jose were placed third and fourth respectively. 

Fremont was also No. 1 in the same survey conducted last year. 

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Two other Bay Area cities were included in the top 20 happiest cities, Santa Rosa was placed 14th while Oakland placed 16th. 

A total of 182 of the largest cities in the US were compared in the survey, including the top two most populous cities in each state, according to WalletHub. 

Each city was evaluated over three key dimensions, "emotional and physical well-being," "income and employment," and "community and environment."

Thirty metrics were used to measure those three dimensions.