Friends remember Berkeley mother who was allegedly slain by daughter

A 60-year-old woman was killed on Sunday afternoon at an apartment on University Avenue, after she was allegedly stabbed by her own daughter, according to Berkeley Police.

"It was quite a shock," Steve Hayes told KTVU about the loss of his friend.

Friends and former coworkers identified the victim as Heather Riemer, and the suspect as 23-year-old Gabriella Riemer, one of her 3 children.

"Can’t really believe that she’s gone," Hayes said.

"I was horrified," longtime friend and confidant Kenneth Kozi Arrington said. "But I was not totally taken aback."

Arrington said Reimer’s daughter struggles with mental health issues.

It’s something he said the caring mother tried to help her daughter with, but fell victim to her physical abuse time and time again.

"Over many years, I’ve known, seen bruises and scars, and all that, you know, but that’s her daughter. We love our kids," Arrington said.

Riemer worked for several years in the mental health field in the East Bay, most recently alongside Arrington on the board of the Bay Area Hearing Voices Network, until the day of her killing.

"Heather was a bright light," Arrington said. "There’s no one quite like Heather."

Those who worked alongside Riemer remember her as a kind, gentle, loyal friend who worked tirelessly to help others.

"There’s a great hole there, because she was so passionate about this work," Hayes said. "She was so passionate about reaching out to others."

Former employer, PEERS Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services told KTVU in part: "If you wish to honor Heather’s memory, the best way to do so is by addressing your mental health, whether that’s in groups or counseling."


Daughter accused of stabbing mother to death in Berkeley

A woman was arrested after police say she fatally stabbed her mother in a Berkeley apartment on Sunday afternoon, according to the Berkeley Police Department.

"There is no replacing Heather," Arrington said. "We can only now try and fill the void that she is leaving in so many people’s lives."

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, ask for help.

You can always call the national mental health hotline at 9-8-8 to connect with a caring professional like Heather Riemer was, to get the help you need.

Gabriella Riemer was arrested by Berkeley Police around 10:45 p.m. on March 17, and booked into the Alameda County Jail on March 18, where she was held without bail.

Jail records show she was charged with first degree murder.

Riemer was expected to face a judge on March 21 in Oakland, for an arraignment, when the judge would read the charges she is facing, and she could enter a plea.