Gas prices soar, California average now $4 a gallon

Low production by refineries and a lack of imported fuel is driving gas prices up, with the average price of regular gasoline in California now more than $4 a gallon. 

All West Coast region states saw prices increase this past week with California up an average of .28 cents a gallon, according to AAA. The increases have driven the state average to $4.02 with experts saying gas could get even more expensive this week.

"t's bad, it's pretty bad news," said Mike Barnes of Alameda. 

San Francisco has the highest gas prices in the country, according to AAA. In San Francisco Monday, unleaded gas was $4.14 per gallon, on average.

In Oakland, the average price for a gallon of gas was $4.03 a gallon. San Jose gas was slightly cheaper at an average price of $4.01 a gallon. 

Gas prices are still far from the record-setting price of $4.73 a gallon in 2012.

On the West Coast, refinery disruptions and drone attacks on major Saudi Arabian oil facilities are causing spikes at the pump.

"That's the world supply of fuel right there," said Ro Singh of San Bruno. "Prices were about to go up regardless."

Patrick DeHaan, who does petroleum analysis for Gas Buddy, said problems at four refineries in California, including a flaring event at the Valero in Benicia, are to blame for a drop in supply and a rise in prices.

Sonia Adina filled up her gas tank in Alameda enough to make it to her home in Fremont. She said it's especially tough in the Bay Area since many people have long commutes.

"I don't know what my kids are going to do," said Adina. "I'm not working, but they need to drive every day to work and the price is really high."