Giddyup! Horses get loose from stable in Golden Gate Park

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About two dozen horses went loose Wednesday morning from a stable in Golden Gate Park, and were brought back safely by park rangers and professional wranglers.

An employee of Bercut Equitation Field, off Chain of Lakes Drive in the park, told KTVU that when she awoke before 6 a.m., 23 horses had pushed through the gate and were running down the road. She called for help, and park rangers and specialized help came to the rescue. How the gate got open is still under investigation. 

The rangers and wranglers were able to corral the horses at a nearby dog park, which is where they were able to put bridles on the animals and walk them all back home. 

One of those rangers ended up getting three horses back to safety. He was caught on video giving a high-five to a stable employee, proudly walking back to his car with a lasso, telling his colleagues, "I wrangled one of them."

San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department started allowing horseback riding in Golden Gate Park on May 20 as a trial run.