Gilroy woman charged in Capitol riot

A Gilroy woman has been charged with invading the Capitol after she posted videos on Facebook showing her taking part in the insurrection, authorities said.

"We're getting in!" Mariposa Castro said on one of her videos on Jan. 6, the day a riotous mob invaded the building.

An FBI affidavit said Castro was quickly identified with the help of her social media, including her Facebook page as well the Instagram account for her business, the Yoga Studio and Tea Lounge in Gilroy.

At one point, Castro yells, "Let's go! Let's go in! Let's go!" according to the affidavit.

The FBI says she recorded herself handing her belongings to someone before clambering into the Capitol building through a window.

"I'm going in," Castro said, according to the FBI. "We're inside the Capitol house. We got inside the Capitol!"

Another picture taken from another video shows Castro holding her phone up recording the insurrection, the FBI said.

"This is the ultimate combination of bad choices," said KTVU legal analyst Michael Cardoza. 

"To draw a big, yellow circle around yourself and say, 'Hey feds, here I am, look at me, come get me.' Well, you know what? They're gonna come and get you," Cardoza said.

A federal public defender assigned to her case did not respond to a request for comment Friday.

Tipsters told the FBI that Castro's been drawing attention to herself for a while as a Trump supporter.  Photos of her on Facebook have been circulating on social media, especially after the riot at the Capitol.

Castro is at least the second Bay Area resident to be charged in the riot. Daniel Goodwyn, a self-proclaimed member of the Proud Boys and a San Francisco web developer, was also identified with the help of video footage, authorities said,.

The FBI said Castro left the Capitol after police sprayed the crowd with chemicals. According to federal agents, she said on her video, "This is too much" and "I'm getting out" but later added, "This is war."