Girls says man grabbed her near San Francisco middle school

Parents at a San Francisco school received an alert from the district on Tuesday night about an attempted kidnapping of a student near Presidio Middle School. 

The student who reported this incident says it happened as she was walking on 29th Avenue near Clement Street, just a block away from the school.

The girl told school administrators and police that a man she didn't know approached her grabbed her hand and tried to pull her away with him. But she was able to get away and immediately told the principal.

San Francisco Unified School District officials sent an email to parents.

“We’re letting people know whenever possible travel together,” said district spokeswoman Gentle Blythe, “ and we’re letting people know that if a stranger tries to grab you fight back if you can . We’re letting people know that if a stranger stops you in a car and asks for direction do not talk to them.”

Police are investigating.