'Go back to California,' scrawled on transplants' new home in Portland

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A Southern California couple who moved to Portland, and  who likely angered their new neighbors over traffic on their narrow street, were the targets of vandalism - the words "Go Back to California" scrawled in their home and car.

According to KPTV, Preston Page and Jessica Faraday moved from Hollywood, California to Portland's Hollywood district about four months ago. Portland is one of the hottest spots for California transplants, looking for a laid-back lifestyle with cheaper home prices.

They were shocked to find spray-painted words of hate written across their property on Sunday morning.
"To step into the driveway, spray paint the side of the house, spray paint the front door... that felt like a major violation," Faraday told the Fox station in Portland.

Page said he believes the person who did this is the same person he yelled at for speeding down his street. He said that person in turn yelled out, "Go back to California."

According to OregonLive, Page said the heated exchange was because he pulled up in front of his house to let his fiancee off on Northeast 59th Street, which is narrow and blocked traffic for a short time.

The couple said they filed a police report and bought a surveillance camera.
"Usually when you're upset with someone you have a conversation with them," Page told KPTV. "Maybe it's heated, maybe it's not and you let it go, you don't dwell on things … I guess not this guy."